martes, julio 31, 2012


I've been tempting to death
with red flowers, black sand
and she seemed to be saint
when I heard her crying

The sheep walked across the needle's eye
thought it was a Paradise
but the news ain't no good
no one cares who will die
By the gun or the knife
so I'd rather walk alone
than being stopped by their crowd
I remain here in my own
I'd prefer to be a canary
with just a singing in my mouth
would be like "I love you"
would be just like a shout
Now the river is gross
and the rain won't stop raping
Now the rocks came down faster
as the wild horses breathe
Guessed the fire started
when the needle was filled
Enough blood remains inside me
to manufacture your bricks

Will survive this entire wind of you
when the magic it's done?
Twenty cents of poverty in my pocket
and my sleep inside your dreams
I know my two hands aren't too wise
and my fingers were broken by tides
so the word I meant to tell you
it's been hidden by the erudites
I still being the same stubborn
you can treat me as white noise
but the sinners will come to you
in the shape of weird toys
And the same time til' darkness
and the same sun til' end
Being a man is not for granted
when that man came from the grave
I'll just keep a word for your name
I will keep it like a ghost
and it sounds like "I love you"
and it sounds like "That's enough"

You can keep all your manners
before you grow rapidly old
Though you couldn't kept your promise
in the sea I will found you drowned
And I'll see your catalyst mouth
maybe it's the right time for me
maybe your skin ain't just yours
promptly I'll return to thee
I've known the speed of sound
I owned the speed of love
so let me love you madly, and deep, and large and always
let me enlighten your sonic soul
I've been down in forgotten deserts
I've been to the highest tops
Everytime and everywhere I've found you
my life to yours get close
Well, everytime you say goodbye
is everytime you're cold and freeze
Don't ask me to remember you
I will meet you in every dream

Ain't beauty like its shine
ain't beauty I must confess
It seems you're made of heaven dust and cry
your smile is raw and faint
I'm just waiting for that moment when
my heart will crack so loud
Surely it will be as promptly as
I can hear you shout
Ah, you should know by now baby,
you should know that I've cried
I've cried the day you let me lonely
I've cried by day and night
But this crying is not like tears
this crying is not like complaint
My criyng is not of fire and wind
Is just heaven and hell

I knew all 'bout this story
I know how all it goes
You stole from me your glory
and there's no place to show
And now that I've known the speed of love, ma belle
sometimes I get it right
I need the speed of lovers, baby
you and I at the same pace, let's try
There are rats in that corner
there are rats now in every street
there are too many posers out there
that way I can not compete
So if you have to go by now
if you say you have to leave
please take care of your steps, my darling
be wise, walk carefully

This is my heart, it's flooded
and surrounded by your eyes
I hold your back, gave you my shoulder
I'll watch you from behind
So if you want me to care 'bout you
c'mon spill your rabid tongue
Could be a puppet under your strings
Ah, I could be your all
But cannot see thru' clouds and rain
my eyes are not that clear
so walk inside, repeat my name
as the Lord give me his tears
I expect the song of death
the angels calling lost ones
so I can call your name to save me
been waiting like a snowman
I passed the page, I burnt that book
of broken memories
I'd wait for years, or centuries
to see what's you and me
I kept my kiss for you
I saved it from the cold
and it feels like "I love you"
and that should be enough.

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